Coro dos Assombrados

As part of Neusa Trovoada’s “CHORUS 1.8 – latente”, director and actress Zia Soares presents “Coro dos Assombrados”. With a text by Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida, the performance brings together a set of disturbing vocals while reflecting on historical silencing and the political and subjective power of the voice.

Coro dos Assombrados takes place in the mouth. It goes from mouth to mouth until it enters mine. I swallow bones that come from the other side, mixed with echoes and laments, to find me. The devouring mouth has to expel these salty corals. And after bleeding the salt from the wounds, the mouth, armoured, falls asleep in the night of sparkling silences.” 

- Zia Soares

Text: Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida
Installation: Neusa Trovoada
Video and installation: Cláudia Sevivas
Music: Xullaji
Interpretation: Zia Soares, Carlos Trovoada
Support: Biblioteca de Belém – Rede de Bibliotecas de Lisboa, Divergente, Espaço Tabanka, Qi news

CHORUS 1.8 is a project funded by the Portuguese Republic – Culture / Directorate-General for the Arts.


26.05 — 17.06.2023 

Boca Festival
16.09 (Saturday), 9:30 pm
Fábrica da Cerveja

35 min. aprox.

Image: Neusa Trovoada / Chorus 1.8.