Ricardo leaves Angola for Portugal taking Joaquim, the son he had with Irene. Irene travels to Lisbon in search of Joaquim. Irene is the ballad of this search. A play written for the 15th edition of PANOS - palcos novos palavras novas, a project of the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II. "PANOS - palcos novos palavras novas is a project that commissions, every year, original plays to renowned writers, to be performed by teenagers, in a cross between school and youth theater and new dramaturgy."


text Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida cast Ariana Lopes, Beatriz Tavares, Beatriz Ventura, Irene Expósito, Maria Teresa Patacas, Afonso de Carvalho, Diogo Mourato, Isaac Rosado staging / dramaturgy Fátima Reis set design Fátima Reis set design support Prof. Cristina Sala execution of the structure Arronches Town Council: Mr. Mário projection scenery 7th grade students Ariana Lopes, Beatriz Tavares, Beatriz Ventura, Maria Teresa Patacas, Ricardo Raposo rehearsal support Prof. Fernando Pinheiro image projection Prof. Cristina Sala, Filipa Sousa  light design César Galão video recording / image capture Ana Salomé de Jesus, José Martins sound capture José Martins video and sound editing José Martins, Ana Salomé de Jesus support Arronches Town Council, Arronches Cultural Center, Portalegre

Images and video: Filipe Ferreira / TNDMII.