Pérola sem Rapariga | Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

After its premiere at Odisseia Nacional, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, Pérola Sem Rapariga will be performed at Festival de Teatro do Seixal, November 16, 2023 and at Centro Cultural de Belém, in 2024.

Images: Filipe Ferreira, TNDMII

Pérola Sem Rapariga is the result of a dialogue between director Zia Soares and writer Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida who, in 2023-24, set out to develop artistic processes in which text, dramaturgy and staging are constructed in parallel, in confrontation or harmony, opening up a dialogical flow that leads to discourse for the stage. Pérola Sem Rapariga is inspired by the reading of Voyage of the Sable Venus and Other Poems, by Robin Coste Lewis, and the photographic archive of Alberto Henschel. The show considers the relationship between the surface of the body and what we are able to say about it, between caption and image, between skin and rescue. The artist Kiluanji Kia Henda intervenes in the space of the scene by installing possible directions for the conflict between the body and the more or less oppressive ways of representing it.

Zia Soares is a theater director and actress. Daughter of an Angolan mother and Timorese father, she was born in Bié, Angola, and lives in Lisbon, Portugal. Her work is developed and presented between Africa and Europe in collaboration with trans and multidisciplinary artists.

text Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida
direction and staging Zia Soares
with Filipa Bossuet, Sara Fonseca da Graça
visual artist Kiluanji Kia Henda
installation and costumes Neusa Trovoada
sound design and composition Xullaji
lighting design Carolina Caramelo
movement staging assistance Lucília Raimundo
promotional video António Castelo
general assistance Aoaní d'Alva

Coro dos Assombrados | INSTITUTO / Boca Festival

Images: Borys Dmytruk, Boca Festival.

In dialog with Neusa Trovoada's exhibition CHORUS 1.8, director and actress Zia Soares is presenting the performance Coro dos Assombrados. The artist investigates colonial and post-colonial power relations from a poetic and plastic universe that forges a counter-memory for Europe. Written by Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida, the performance brings together a set of disturbing voices while reflecting on historical silences and the political and subjective power of the voice. Coro dos Assombrados premiered at INSTITUTO, in Porto, and was performed afterwards at Boca Festival.

Text: Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida
Instalation: Neusa Trovoada
Vídeo and interaction: Cláudia Sevivas
Music: Xullaji
Performers: Zia Soares, Carlos Trovoada

Irene | Panos - palcos novos palavras novas / Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

Image: Filipe Ferreira / TNDMII.

Video: TNDMII.

Irene's son disappeared in Luanda in February 1974. For years, the mother has searched endlessly for her son Joaquim. But who will look after Irene while she searches for her son? Who is she? Irene, by Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida, reflects on the lives of migrant mothers in Portugal, who, having left everything behind, struggle to find meaning in their lives.

PANOS - palcos novos palavras novas is a project of the D. Maria II National Theatre that promotes youth theater in Portugal and new dramaturgies. A project where theater by and for young people aged 12 to 19 is read, performed and presented. In each edition, we commission three plays from some of the most exciting contemporary writers. In the 2023 edition, young people will present original texts by André Tecedeiro (The Essay), Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida (Irene) and Ondjaki (Two People & an Island Alone). As part of the Odisseia Nacional Initiative, the PANOS Festival takes place in Ílhavo, in partnership with 23 Milhas, a cultural project in the municipality. A collective and intense celebration of the theatrical experience over three days, in which six of the shows created will be presented to the public, at Ílhavo's Casa da Cultura and Fábrica das Ideias (Gafanha da Nazaré). On May 27, there will also be the launch of the book PANOS 2023 and the debate Artistic practices with young people - Behind PANOS at Ílhavo's Casa da Cultura, and a party at Costa Nova's Cais Criativo.

text Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida
cast Ariana Lopes, Beatriz Tavares, Beatriz Ventura, Irene Expósito, Maria Teresa Patacas, Afonso de Carvalho, Diogo Mourato, Isaac Rosado
staging / dramaturgy Fátima Reis
set design Fátima Reis
set design support Prof. Cristina Sala
execution of the structure Arronches Town Council: Mr. Mário
projection scenery 7th grade students Ariana Lopes, Beatriz Tavares, Beatriz Ventura, Maria Teresa Patacas, Ricardo Raposo
rehearsal support Prof. Fernando Pinheiro
image projection Prof. Cristina Sala, Filipa Sousadesign de luz César Galão
video recording / image capture Ana Salomé de Jesus, José Martins
sound capture José Martins
video and sound editing José Martins, Ana Salomé de Jesus
support Arronches Town Council, Arronches Cultural Center, Portalegre Polytechnic, José Martins

Os dias mais longos e os mais curtos | Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

Imagem e vídeo: FCG.

Known for his majestic works on socially important themes, Hong Kong-based Eugene Birman is, in the words of the BBC, a composer of “high drama” and “intense emotion”. The convergence of major current issues and the search for supreme beauty has frequently manifested itself in works for vocal ensembles, culminating in Os dias mais longos e os mais curtos, produced for the Gulbenkian Foundation and performed for the first time. Introducing groundbreaking technology to the concert hall, the work, for Birman, is also an opportunity to return to an issue he considers central and one amplified by the pandemic: how essential is artistic creation to contemporary society?

Coro Gulbenkian
Jorge Matta Maestro
Cecília Rodrigues Soprano
David Hackston Contratenor
Raúl da Costa Piano

Djaimilia Pereira de Almeida Texto
Giorgio Biancorosso Dramaturgia

Inês Tavares Lopes Maestra assistente
João Hora Direção técnica